Fiat confirms the national launch of Croons sedan

Fiat brand after postponing twice confirms the launch of the Cronos sedan for the days 21 and 22 February. Presentation for the national press and test drive will be in Rio de Janeiro. The sedan will compete with the newly launched Volkswagen Virtus and the Chevrolet Cobalt and Prisma, in addition to Honda City and HB20 S. Fiat is launching its first customer application. Now owners of the Fiat Argo and Toro models will have the vehicle manual in a digital format with a series of tips and useful information, as well as access to services such as 24-hour assistance, call centre access through a chat and pre-scheduling of services and reviews. The application was developed from the results of a survey conducted by the company, which identified the main doubts of the owners regarding the use of the vehicle. “We know that customers spend much of their time inside their cars and getting to know them completely can make the driving experience more enjoyable. Therefore, we simplify the presentation of the functions and characteristics of the vehicle, modernizing the traditional owner’s manual. We also offer services and pre-scheduling of maintenance in one place: in the palm of our hands, “says JoãoCiaco, Fiat Chrysler Automóveis (FCA) director of Marketing, Communication and Sustainability for Latin America cars cover.

FCA scanning

The development and operation of the application are part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ (FCA) strategy of investing in digital solutions. The company moves towards the intensive use of digital technology in all its areas and levels, to become more efficient and accurate. “This is a permanent innovation exercise, resulting from the combination of technology, agile processes and learning, based on transformative people,” says André Souza, director of FCA’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for Latin America. The development enabled FCA to accumulate a series of experiences, such as preparing the cloud platform and working together with other areas, highlighting the project’s continued concern to deliver the best customer experience. The vehicle design and styling team worked closely with the application design team. Many areas were involved in the development of the project: customer service, after sales and services, engineering, communication, advertising and marketing, business development and ICT. This interaction resulted in an application with very modern and attractive featuresy for the user to sign up by logging in via an email or facebook, then enter the car’s chassis number by capturing the chassis image or typing.

My car – In this tab it is possible to find the technical file of the car, explanatory contents with information on the best way to use, as well as safety tips, among others.

External – In this area are the contents, tips and information about the exterior of the vehicle: body, keys, wheels and tires, lights, headlights and lanterns, mirrors and mirrors, glass and doors.

Internal- In this area are the contents on air conditioning, interior lights, seats, equipment, dashboard and steering wheel, multimedia, mirrors and mirrors, as well as the main tips and information on the interior of the car.

Mechanical and Electrical – In this area is concentrated all the contents related to the mechanical and electrical part of the car: engine and gearbox, security system, supply, vehicle protection system (fuses, Fiat code, alarm, active safety etc).

Panel Lights- In the user tests, it was identified that most of them do not know the meaning of the panel lights and what to do in case of alerts. In the search area, you can find in a simple and practical way what each light alert means and what to do when any light on the panel lights up.  Maintenance Calendar – Through the application, you can access the maintenance schedule and inform the current mileage. The application will indicate when to make the next revision; the suggested price and what services are required.  Scheduling- In the Services tab you can pre-schedule vehicle services and revisions. The application indicates the nearest dealer and sends a scheduling request. Following this, the user will receive from the concessionaire a phone call to confirm the schedule and an email with information about the service, date, time and address. The app traces the shortest route to the review location using Google Maps.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles joins the BMW Group to develop autonomous driving platforms

This partnership of development aims to leverage the strengths, capabilities and resources of each company to enhance the technology platform, increase development efficiency and reduce launch time to market. Engineers will work together in Germany and elsewhere to facilitate this process. FCA will contribute to engineering, technical resources and expertise, as well as significant sales volume, geographic reaches and long experience in North America. “To achieve advances in autonomous driving technology, it is vital to form partnerships between car manufacturers and technology providers,” said FCA CEO Sergio Marchioness. “Integrating this cooperation will enable FCA to directly benefit from synergies and economies of scale that are possible when companies come together with a common vision and goal.

Joint forces

In July 2016, the BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye announced that they have joined forces to make autonomous vehicles a reality, contributing to the development of highly automated (Level 3) and fully automated driving solutions (Level 4/5 ) for production in 2021. Since then, they have been working on the design and development of an architecture that can be used by various automakers around the world while maintaining the brand identities of each company. This cooperation continues at a steady pace, aiming to deploy 40 autonomous test vehicles on the streets by the end of 2017. It also hopes to benefit from the data and learning gained as a result of the fleet of 100 Level 4 test vehicles recently announced by Mobileye, an Intel group company, demonstrating the scale benefit of this collaborative approach.

“The two key factors for successful cooperation are uncompromising excellence in the development process and the achievement of our autonomous driving platform,” said HaraldKrüger, president of BMW AG. “With FCA as our new partner, we have strengthened our path to successfully creating the most relevant and advanced Level 3 to 5 solution as a result of global collaboration among automakers. ” “The future of transportation depends on the leaders in the automotive and technology industries working together to develop an architecture that automakers around the world can embrace and customize,” said Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel. “We are delighted to welcome FCA to this collaboration by taking a step closer to delivering the world’s most secure stand-alone vehicles. ” “We are grateful for FCA’s contributions and use of the cooperation platform, which has made substantial progress over the past year, rapidly entering the testing and implementation phase,” said Professor AmnonShashua, Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer, Mobileye. “The combination of knowledge and mapping, sensor fusion and driving policy solutions, delivers the highest levels of safety and versatility in a low-cost package that will extend across all geographies and road configurations. ” The BMW Group, Intel, Mobileye and FCA, along with the newly announced systems development partners and system integrators, invite and welcome automakers and additional technology vendors to join them in adopting this platform. autonomous driving in an effort to create a solution for the entire industry.

New Ford Mustang GT 2018 Engine

With a 5.0-liter V8 engine with direct fuel injection, 466 horsepower and 57.9kgfm of torque, the Ford Mustang GT is capable of reaching 96km / h in less than 4 seconds . The car is fast and features a 10-speed automatic transmission. In adaptive cruise control mode , which makes long journeys more comfortable by keeping the vehicle at speed and a set distance from the vehicle ahead, it travels at low speeds. The escape mode has four options: normal, quiet, sport and track. For those who do not want noise (Mustang snore is one of their trademarks), the ideal is one of the first two options (if you do not want to wake up your neighbors, you should use the “quiet” option). However, if you are one of those who likes to hear the powerful engine, the last two modes are indicated. It is recommended that the Ford Mustang GT 2018 be fueled with premium-grade gasoline, and during the period we spent with it, the average fuel consumption was 6.8km / l in the city and 10.6km / l on the road.


The Ford Mustang GT 2018 features a fully digital instrument panel with 12-inch centerline (TFT) and SYNC 3 multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It counts with warnings when the driver deviates from the track (similar to the Ford Fusion ), automatic emergency braking and Brembo brakes. There are also three driving modes (comfort, normal and sport) and five driving modes (sport, normal, wet / snow, track and drag track). In addition, the front seats have heating and cooling options. Throughout the period in Los Angeles, we got a lot of heat, which greatly favored the use of bench cooling – it’s not a necessary item, but it brings us extra comfort).

Designing the New Ford Mustang GT 2018

Inside, the car has a spacious trunk for a sports car with 382 liters. It is possible to increase it when the rear seats are folded. The finish on the panel and the doors is soft touch. In the GT Premium version, there is lighting in the Mustang name on the threshold. On the outside, it has the big hood, with two air vents. The Ford Mustang GT 2018 is longer and shorter than the previous model, which did not come to Brazil. The wheels are 19-inch light alloy wheels and high performance tires. The headlamps and front bumper have LED signature. In the Brazilian market, the car is available in red, black and white. The other shades will be offered on demand. Over here, there is the option with canvas retractable roof body.

Ford Cars: Know the vehicles that marked the brand’s 100 years

Ford has been in the market for 100 years developing new models and bringing unmatched innovations to the market. So there’s no better way to celebrate this special anniversary than by reminiscing about Ford cars and their impact on the history of the brand and the automotive market. If you are a car lover and can hardly wait to understand better about our models, read on. In this post, we will satisfy your thirst for knowledge about cars.

Historic Ford Cars

Anyone who reaches 100 years of life has many stories to tell and Ford is no different. Throughout this trajectory, our vehicles have been part of the history of industrialization, the cinema and the lives of many people. Look!

Ford T


Ford pioneered the automotive market. Before the launch of the Ford T, no one imagined that cars could be mass-produced. It was also hard to think of an easy-to-operate, simple-maintenance car, but Ford was able to craft this iconic model. It was released in 1908 and only went out of business almost 20 years later in 1927. During this period, its production underwent drastic changes. By car produced individually for each customer and coming in various colors, it became the first mass-produced vehicle. Not only the car, but its mode of production were so iconic that they influenced the entire industry. Few parents can brag about having a son who starred in several Hollywood movies. But Ford certainly can. The Ford Mustang was a success since its launch in 1964. The Mustang idea was to be a car with minimalist design and sports lines. He competed with famous European models and became a real sensation in the United States. Still in 1964, the Mustang debuted in his first film, 007 Against Goldfinger. He continued to be worshiped by the public and is the consuming dream of many people to this day. The Ford Mustang is in its sixth generation and, although very different from the initial version, it remains an excellent car.

Ford Escort

The Escort model was launched as a major innovation in the United States in 1981. It had front wheel drive, something very rare at the time and not yet used in Ford production lines until then. In Europe, the Escort was already in its third generation, the result of a collaboration between the British and German factories of Ford. Upon being brought to the US, the car has undergone mostly design modifications. The American market liked more sedate lines and it also gained chrome details on the body. The result was a successful sales. The Escort is a car that has been branded in the minds of generations as synonymous with good performance and quality.

Modern Ford Cars

Ford is not made of history alone. Although it has brought innovations and innovations since the last century, the brand has not been surpassed. Its modern models are also known around the world and win the hearts of drivers every day.

Ford F-150

The F-150 pickup was one of the most popular Ford cars in its launch year, 1975. It was introduced as a renewal of the F-100 model and soon became one of the brand’s most popular pickup trucks of all time. To this day, the Ford F-150 models are considered one of the best pickup trucks. In the US , it was considered the best performance and safety truck in the market. Few brands can be proud of this, but Ford vehicles have only improved over the course of history. From 1975 to 2019, the truck underwent a lot of changes, so that its mechanics, safety and performance left nothing to be desired for an increasingly competitive market. And is not it worked? The EcoSport model remains one of Ford’s greatest successes to date. In Brazil, it was this car that started the segment of compact SUVs and continues to be one of its sales champions. Its look was thought to remind a 4 × 4 car, but with all the advantages and benefits of a utility. The idea went very well, the Brazilians and the whole world joined.

Ford Fiesta

Some Ford cars are almost a family with each of their evolutions. A model exactly like this is the Fiesta, which has developed over 40 years to become a modern, safe and very popular car. Each of the generations of the Fiesta has gained news of mechanics and design quite daring. The difference is so great that a person with a New Fiesta 2019 already has a model quite different from a Fiesta 2010. But something has not changed over the years: the car remains excellent! Did you like to know the history of Ford through the classics and xodós of our brand? Browse here on the blog, we have lots of tips and information relevant to drivers and their cars.

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